This blog often focuses on the job search, but what about if you have a job and want to keep it—all while staying happy. Sounds like a challenge sometimes, but finding this balance is attainable, if you keep perspective.

There are times—whether or not you like your job—that getting up and going to work is going to sound painful. And there are going to be times when you really don’t like your job. But to make sure the positive days outweigh the negative, here are a few tips to help keep you happy at work.

Separate Work and Personal Problems
This is often hard to do, because you spend so much time at work, but it is important to try and keep your personal problems out of the office—it can really affect your happiness at work. Try and keep your issues at home, and although it might sound crazy, use work as a time to take a break from what is bothering you at home.

Create a Cohort
Make going to work fun for you. Find a group of co-workers who share the same lifestyles and backgrounds as you. This will really help reduce the amount of stress you experience at work, and it will also help you develop a strong and reliable office network.

Get Out of the Office
For some, it can be very easy to sit in front of a computer for eight hours without even realizing all the time that has gone by. Take a few small breaks during the day to get up and walk/move. It will help you feel refreshed, and will also help you refocus on the task at hand.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Office Drama
This can sometimes be hard, but it is really important to try and focus on the positives at work. This will help you keep a great outlook at the office. If you have a chronic complainer in the office, try and change the direction of the conversation—it will be a nice subtle hint that you’re not interested in office gossip.

If you like these tips, and would like to read more, visit’s article on staying happy at work—it’s great!

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