At some point, you might start feeling the urge or the need to reinvent yourself and your career. There are many reasons why you may feel this way, including lack of growth potential in your current position.

The Ladders has an excellent article to help you strategically plan out your next move. You can check out the full article on Ladders, but here are some of the best points:

Inquire: If you are really seriously about changing career paths, there are a lot of questions you need to ask. Perform a self-review and then approach a handful of people you know really well and ask them how you’ve had the biggest impact on them.

Most importantly, reflect on yourself. What come easiest to you and when do you find yourself most at-ease when working. Hone in on this feeling and start making an action plan.

Need People: No matter what you think, you need people to help you get to where you want to go. Networking is a huge component to success, and without connecting with peers and colleagues, you are simply an Average Joe.

Evaluate you Personal Barriers to Entry: Before you take the leap into a new career, figure out what is stopping you from doing what you love. In order for a smooth transition, you want to make sure to avoid as many speed bumps as possible. When you do figure out what’s in your way, figure out how to overcome it.

Changing careers or reinventing yourself takes work, patience, and a well thought out plan, so make sure you are prepared to make the change, and good luck!

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