Getting ready to go into a job interview is very nerve-wracking, but there is a lot that can be done to help prepare for the big day.

About a week before the interview, start putting together an outline of how you would want the interview to go. Include topics you would like to discuss, points you want to be sure to mention, and even write down the top three questions you do not want the employer to ask (and find answers for them!). Doing this will make sure you are ready for any questions that are thrown your way.

Be sure to also include anecdotes in your outline. You want to have a few good examples ready so you aren’t struggling to think of one on the spot, and you are not telling the same story over and over again to each person involved in the interview.

In addition to creating an outline, also create and think of questions that you may want to ask based on the job description that was posted. These questions could range from what is the structure of the unit to what a would an average day in the position would look like.

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure you have four main points on hand that you want to bring up on the big day.  These are the points you want to make sure the employer remembers about you. Write them down, memorize them, and jot them on a piece of paper or a notepad that you bring into the interview.

Being prepared for an interview will help you stand out amongst the other candidates. You’ll look and feel more confident, and most importantly–prepared!

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