Most of us seem to forget that hiring managers are people too, but remembering this fact may make job interviews much easier. We get so bogged down by tips about how we dress, what our body language says, and whether we are saying the right things that I think we forget the point of what we’re doing.

On a very simplistic level, hiring managers want to get an idea of how you will perform on the job. The business’ success and everyone’s happiness on the job depend on who you are. It’s a people issue, involving whether you are trustworthy, what your personality is like, and what skills you’ll bring to the table. This is really like every other relationship in life in these respects,.

What hiring managers are largely concerned about:

Interest level
Attitude regarding obstacles
Compatibility with company culture

Now, your body language, clothing, and words do reflect the things that hiring managers care about, but being mindful of these aspects of yourself isn’t just jumping through pointless hoops. It also isn’t a mysterious language that you have to stress about learning.

Basically, you can concentrate on one idea and nail almost all of these criteria: these people are asking you to do something important. If a friend, family member, or any other human being came to you and asked you to do something important for them, how would you act?

You would want to show that you were interested and that you would help them. It would be important to you that your actions conveyed that. You would look at them when they spoke. You would ask questions and offer comments. You would want to come up with solutions to their problem. These are basic human issues that you probably engage in on a fairly regular basis.

When you go to a job interview, focus on appearing interested and invested above all else and the rest will fall into place.

The compatibility issue requires a tiny bit more effort. You can increase your chances of being compatible with the company culture by doing research on the business before applying. This also is like other relationships in that if you are looking for a friend or a group partner on a school project, you will likely want to find someone with similar priorities as you. Take a little bit of extra time to learn about the business and be mindful of whether to pursue that job, how to dress, and what kind of things to say in the interview by what you discover. It is sort of like choosing to talk to one friend about your favorite tv show rather than another because the friend you chose likes it too.


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