Looking for a job using the old-fashioned pounding the pavement method? Or at the very least, searching for job advertisements and trooping into loads of jobs with a copy of your one trusty resume? It quickly gets exhausting because it simply isn’t an efficient use of your time. Job hunting apps open up a whole new set of revolutionary tools to make job hunting so much easier, and all it takes is one smartphone.

Searching Apps

Some job search apps make searching for jobs easier. They might combine multiple search sites into one vastly more efficient service or give you access to jobs that aren’t even advertised yet. Have you ever felt overwhelmed thinking of all the jobs you might want but don’t know to apply to because there is no ad in the newspaper or sign outside their business stating that they’re hiring? The app Hidden Jobs keeps up with news releases from companies all over the United States so you can be one of the first to know about openings.

Resume Apps

Other apps help you create, share, and edit your resume(s). Create a more professional resume easily, edit it even while you’re waiting to speak to a hiring manager, and share your resume electronically wherever you are. Learn more about resume apps here.

Networking Apps

Then there are apps that connect you to hiring managers. CityHour makes meeting someone who can boost your career unbelievably simple. It connects to your LinkedIn profile and looks for professionals who are already searching for people just like you to talk to.

Learn more about job search apps below:
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