When we suffer a job loss, of course, we would like to find a new job as quickly as possible. We expect some waiting period and can tolerate our joblessness pretty well as long as it doesn’t exceed that limit. But what if it does exceed it? First of all, don’t panic. There are several things you can do while you don’t have a full work schedule to make yourself a more desirable job candidate.

Think Temporary

You may think that taking a temporary position will only put a band-aid on the problem, but temporary jobs don’t just supply you with money, they make you a better employee. If the position utilizes different skills than your past jobs, you are developing a new skill. This is always a major asset. You are also keeping current skills sharp by remaining in the workforce, even if it is only in a temporary position. Also, each job has the potential to teach you something, such as what it is like to work as a team with a different group of people or how to work with a new computer system. When a potential employer looks at your resume, a temporary position shows that you take the initiative when it comes to your career and that you seize every opportunity to grow.

Yes, even though you are jobless, I am advocating that you give away your time, skills, and services for free. You see, like a temporary job, volunteering builds skills that you can add to your resume and bring to a career. Hiring managers take a great interest in volunteering work as a display of a person’s skills and character, so this means you can be working on your career right now, without waiting for a job. There are always opportunities to build your assets, and your creativity when it comes to using those opportunities is a major plus for your future employer.

Perfect How You Sell Yourself

Give your resume some more attention. You will probably find areas for improvement, grammar that could be corrected, items that you might want to remove or reword, or skills that you would like to add. Perhaps your resume could benefit from a format that draws the manager’s eyes to your greatest skills or a creative resume design that makes your resume stand out in that stack of black and white text resumes.

When writing cover letters, make sure that you are taking time to create custom cover letters for each job. A cover letter that targets a specific position and company tells the hiring manager that you devoted time to applying to their job, that you understand what they need, and that you are a good fit for their company. A generic cover letter only shows that you followed directions by supplying a cover letter. If you are applying to many jobs and feel that you don’t have time to create a custom cover letter for each position, consider applying to fewer jobs. It would be better to sell yourself effectively to fewer companies than to waste so many chances with half-hearted attempts.

Even a period of joblessness can be an asset if you use it as one. Take advantage of this extra time when you aren’t tied to a job to build skills, experience new things, and perfect your job search skills. When it is time for you to begin a new job, you will have become a new and better employee.



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