A resume shows a potential employer what you can bring to their business. Yes, it is great to have previous experience with facts and figures to add instant credibility, but it isn’t what a resume is all about. You want to display professionalism, an interest in the company, and your relevant skills. Assets and skills can be developed in many ways other than with job experience.

Focus on what you have.

You have natural talents.
You have gained knowledge and experience.
You have reached goals.

List any skills that applies to the job, even if the only way it applies is because it proves you know how to solve problems, work on a team, be a leader, or reach your goals. Skills and talents that involve computers, running a group online or off, and volunteering are all excellent ways to prove what you can bring to the table.

Use tests and awards to add to your validity.

If you have earned special recognition while enjoying a hobby or working on a school project, list it. If you don’t already have credentials to back up your skills, there are some instances when you can get them immediately. Take typing for instance. A fast typing speed is a great asset. You might be sitting on a marketable skill and not even realize it. Take a typing test to see what you score. You can also improve your typing speed and take the test again.

The same method applies to time gaps.

Employers find it useful to know why you were not working for a considerable amount of time as well as what you did with that time. Don’t simply explain it, use it. If you learned a new and relevant skill, took courses, developed a talent, or discovered a new talent during that time, make sure to list it. This not only explains the gap and adds to your list of skills, but it shows that you are always looking to improve yourself.

Don’t limit yourself to the work experience or bust mindset. You are not knocking things off a checklist, you are showing a potential employer how you can benefit their company. So, show them your confidence and your will to achieve.


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