You’ve made it to the final round—the in-person interviews. Here are a few things you need to know about what to bring (and not to bring) when you meet your future employer.

First of all, wear a suit. Even if it’s a super-casual startup, you don’t work there yet, so make your first impression count. Dressing appropriately for an interview shows the employer that you are taking the process and the job very seriously.

Always be sure to have extra copies of your resume on hand. It is important that everyone on the hiring committee has your resume in their hands. If you are only scheduled to meet with one person, bring a three or four copies of your resume just in case—you never know if the employer will pull someone in from the company to talk to you about the position. Be prepared.

Bring a paper and pen to take notes. Always, always take notes. You want to make sure you write down any points of the job you find interesting for follow up questions AND you want to make sure you have the name and email address of everyone you spoke with so you can follow up with a thank you note. Don’t use your laptop for this—all the typing is too distracting.

Leave the coffee at home. Do not bring a cup of coffee with you to the interview. It does not look professional. Remember, you haven’t been hired yet and you have to do everything in your power to impress. Coming in with a giant cup of coffee isn’t going to help.

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