Shopping could help your job search. I’m not kidding. So could eating out, browsing, traveling, and more.

A Type Of Research

Research is key to determining whether a job and company is right for you. It also helps you sell yourself best to said company. Similarly, some very crucial research should be done by visiting the location.

How it works

● When you drive to the location, you can picture your future commute.
● Entering and walking across the parking lot, you can gain insight into your potential new workday and the company’s professionalism.
● The public area inside also gives you an idea of the company’s practices and priorities.
● Treatment from employees tells you what the company expects and gives you an indication of the company’s culture as well as the happiness of the employees.
● The smoothness of any interactions you as a customer/client have can leave telltale signs of good or bad policies behind the scenes.
● You might even see and interact with your potential supervisor.

So, if it’s possible, test drive the company before applying or attending the job interview.


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