You find the job of your dreams, you read the description, and all you can think is, “perfect—I am the employee they are looking for!”

You brush up your resume, write a cover letter, fill out the application, hit send, and just wait for the call to come in for an interview. You check your email everyday, and begin to wonder why no one has gotten back to you yet. You start to worry, and out of frustration, stop looking for jobs altogether.

Here’s where the job search can become toxic. Becoming obsessed with a potential job can really impact your momentum and overall enthusiasm. Finding out you didn’t get the job, could put a tremendous damper on your spirits.

It’s important to remember there are most likely other people who are just as qualified as you, and as you hone in on this potential job, you can miss out on other newly posted positions.

It’s OK to get excited about a possible job opportunity, but it’s always important to remember not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Job searches can be long. Keeping a level head can really help get you through the process.

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