On this blog, we often suggest things to do to help stand out to employers, but there are also many common suggestions that you should not follow when trying to land that new job.

Glassdoor has put together a few tips that people often dish out, but should be ignored.

  1. Keep your resume to one page: As Glassdoor puts it, how can you jam a batch of applicants into a one-size-fits-all resume model? Instead of page count, focus on keeping the information on your resume relevant and compelling. Most applicants are not going to be passed over for having one too many pages.
  2. Write your resume in your own voice: This isn’t really the case at all. The tone of your resume, according to Glassdoor, should actually reflect the profession you are entering. Keep your resume clear and concise, and most importantly, interesting!
  3. It’s totally fine to embellish your skills: Actually, it’s not. That’s lying. What would happen if you were hired based on the skills you lied about on your resume? Instead, focus on what makes you the ideal candidate for the position. As stated in the Glassdoor article, show the employer how your skills can help in areas that the company is currently lacking—and prove it with examples.
  4. Start a blog: Unless you are willing to commit to a blog, and you are a strong writer and communicator, you should reconsider starting up your own blog. According to Glassdoor, this can benefit some job seekers, but if you don’t possess the skills of a successful blogger, it could actually hurt your chances at landing the job.

To read the full article, click here.

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