Many people enter the higher education or corporate world with some volunteer experience on their hand. Some companies allow their employees to spend a certain number of hours “on-the-clock” volunteering or performing community service.

Positioning yourself in line with many company’s core values of volunteering before entering a job search can assist in your becoming a candidate for the job.

If you are able to effectively communicate your volunteering efforts through your resume you’re more likely to head to the top of the hiring list of prospective employers. Employers like candidates who are able to manage their time and give back to causes they believe in.

Every employer may not look for your volunteering efforts directly, however if they see that you’re dedicating your time to helping out, this is an obvious plus for you!

Companies are becoming more and more likely to launch volunteer projects annually for their staff. If you’re already volunteering your time, finding one of these companies will align values and in turn create a better work atmosphere for everyone!


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