Job interview tips often include the same cookie-cutter information: wear a suit, keep it conservative, and mind your hygiene. Now, these tips do provide quality guidance, but there is a little more to it than that.

A suit doesn’t suit every job

Your clothing provides visual proof of your professionalism and your fit with company culture. You want to take full advantage of this opportunity and demonstrate through your choice of attire that you know what the company wants and that your personality fits well into their culture. If a company normally consists of laid-back, creative types or runs best with bold personalities, the hiring manager may have to try to look past the suit.

Take a little extra time to educate yourself on the company and the prospective job so you can make the most of your interview attire. In a previous article, we provided several tips for getting to know a company’s culture.

It may be your first impression, but it shouldn’t be your first time

Don’t do something the day of the interview that you have never done before, like wear your hair in a new hairdo, sport a suit for the very first time, or apply your makeup in a completely different way. First, it will add to your anxiety level, and you don’t need that. Second, you may not be able to pull it off correctly. Your hair may fall down, you may botch the makeup job, or you may commit a glaring fashion faux pas.Third, if you feel like you are doing something that is out of the ordinary for you, it will probably show in your body language and your interviewer may get the sense that you don’t really feel comfortable with the job.

Try the new trick out a few times before the interview to make sure you can master it and that it fits you. If you can’t feel natural this way and it is necessary for the job, it may be an indicator that the job isn’t a good match for you.

Your job interview attire should work much like your resume; it should send a clear message about why you are right for the job. So, tailor your interview look to the company while being honest about who you are. It won’t be of much help to you or the company if you do land a job if you don’t want to stay there.


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