Effectively using social media is a great way to get noticed by a potential employer, but making simple mistakes can also damage your chances of landing that next job.

Now more than ever, companies are looking for employees with social media experience. If you want to add that feather to your cap, first make sure you are not making rookie social media mistakes.

BrazenCareerist.com is a great blog packed with excellent information about looking for your next job, advancing in the one you have, and basically making your work life better. They just featured a really helpful article about some of the common mistakes that social media newbies make, and if you’re are looking to market yourself as a social media pro, first make sure you aren’t guilty of these social gaffes.


If you come across an interesting fact or statistic, don’t just share it, or instantly post it to your social media channels, take the time to do some fact checking. You don’t have to go into too much detail, but make sure what you are sharing is accurate. As the article states, “sharing incorrect information, even if it’s trivial, can damage your credibility.” And when you’re looking for a new job and promoting your social media skills, you don’t want to ruin your chances because you posted misinformation.


This next point is one of the best social media tips I’ve seen in a while. Do not participate in every single online trend. (YES!!) As the article states, you don’t want your employer’s first impression of you to be that time you were out with friends and did the Harlem Shake on the sidewalk, or a post on a quiz you took that said you are most like Allison from “The Breakfast Club.” This is very entertaining for some, but many others find these types of posts annoying. Either incorporate social trends in a fun and interesting way or don’t post them at all. If you can’t help yourself, adjust your privacy settings.

This is a great article, and you can learn a lot about some of the common rookie social media mistakes many of us make. If you want to read more tips from the article here.

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