Job research offers you excellent opportunities to determine your fit at a company and to effectively sell yourself to the hiring manager. There is a lot of buzz about this topic on the internet, but you may be wondering what it is that you look for in job research.

5 Questions To Answer With Job Research

#1. The Company’s Mission

Most companies and businesses have a website, and somewhere on it they will tell you their mission. Smaller ones may simply have an About Us page while larger companies often have huge sections outlining their mission, their tactics to nurture that mission, and their corporate culture. This tells you a lot about what it will be like to work at the company and what they are looking for in an employee.

#2. The Company And Its Employees

The website may give you details about the company, its founder, and its most prominent employees. Learn as much about them that you can from their website. Then, move on to their social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn. On Facebook, many companies share day-in-the-life photos from the office or headquarters, and you can get a glimpse of the company’s image from the posts they choose to share . LinkedIn provides even more information. The company lists details about themselves, news, and job openings. You can learn about and even interact with the current and past employees of a company you are considering working for.

#3. News Involving The Company

The company’s website and social media accounts provide some news and events information, but the world wide web gives you an impartial view. You want to know if the reality of a company matches the company’s representation of themselves and how reliable their future is. It is also very helpful for you when trying to sell yourself if you know where a company is headed. For instance, if they announced that a major change is happening in their company, you may have just the skills to meet their changing needs.

#4. The Company’s Products And Services

Search the internet for reviews and comments on a company’s products or services, and ask people you know if they are familiar with the company. They may sound great on “paper,” but what their customers have to say about their business could clue you in to policies and issues that determine whether or not you want to work for that company. Becoming better acquainted with what a company does will greatly benefit you when trying to sell yourself to a hiring manager.

#5. The Company’s Customer Service

If you live where you can do this or it applies to the job, visit, call, or order from your prospective company. See for yourself how efficiently they work, how they treat their customers, and what the environment is like. Sometimes you can walk right into a place and go, “I know it would drive me crazy to work here.” Or, you might say, “I love it here. When can I start?”
If you use the company website, the internet’s perspective on a company, and the opinions of yourself and those you know, you can get a pretty good idea of the company you are thinking of working for and how best to sell yourself to them. What can you offer the company you want to work for with the information you have found? Show them.


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