You are serious about finding work, so you need some tools to arm you for your job search. What exactly do tools do? They make a task quicker and easier. Well, the tools I am about outline for you will make your job search smoother and more effective.

10 Job Search Tools

#1. LinkedIn

You have probably already heard this, because it is everywhere. A LinkedIn account will definitely help with your job search. It gives you many opportunities to sell yourself as well as unparalleled opportunities to get to know and interact with a company you are interested in. Make a profile and become active there to boost your job search.

#2. Facebook and Twitter

Hiring managers also target Facebook and Twitter. If you have never made accounts with either of these places, you may want to do so with the purpose of building an online presence that will be representative of where you are headed in your career. Now, most of us already have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and we started them without thinking about our careers. You can do some cleanup to make your social media accounts more presentable to the eyes of your potential employer.

#3. Microsoft Office/Google Drive

Microsoft Office provides valuable tools for creating and editing your resume as well as other tools that may help you organize your job search(like spreadsheets). If you don’t have Microsoft Office, Google Drive offers many comparable tools and you can save documents in a wide variety of formats, including Word formats. From now on, if someone says they have to have a Word document, you can oblige.

#4. Resume Templates

Writing a resume is tough enough as it is. You certainly don’t want to have to worry about how it looks. There are resume templates all over the internet to help you present a polished and eye-catching resume with minimal stress. Visit for free templates.

#5. The Ever Present Resume

Make sure you have resumes handy everywhere you go. You can save them on your mobile phone so you can easily send them to someone right at the moment they ask for one, or you can keep printed resumes in your car(safely stored) for easy access.

#6. Job Search Engine Tools

There are many job search engines online. When using one of these services, make sure you are taking advantage of all they have to offer. Often, they do more than simply show you who is hiring. Glassdoor gives you company reviews from actual employees of that company, and Snag-A-Job allows you to add videos to your profile for extra opportunities to make yourself shine.

#7.  Your Credit Report

Hiring managers often check your credit along with your background. You can use free tools like Credit Karma and to check your credit report to look for errors that may negatively impact your credit score and to make sure your credit report doesn’t reveal that you had work experience that you were trying to cover up.

#8.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics

The website for the BLS offers useful resources for choosing which careers to pursue and which parts of the country to find the most success in your career. If you are looking for a career change or considering relocation, this site can provide valuable information.

#9. Your Hobbies

Yes, I said it. Your hobbies can help your career because they build skills. Recognize the skills you are gaining from your hobbies and include them in your resume and the words you use in job interviews. You may learn healthy competition, how to reach your goals, and how to overcome setbacks. Some hobbies sound better than others. Use the ones that sound good, like golfing, coaching your child’s little league team, or creating a business from your quilting hobby. If you don’t want to tell someone that you learned how to overcome setbacks from playing a video game or from crocheting, give yourself credit for what you know you have learned and look for “real world” opportunities to showcase your skill.

#10. Joblessness

Again, I said it. Use the time while you don’t have a 9-to-5 schedule to take courses, work a temporary job, do community service, or follow-up on a project from the hobbies I mentioned in the previous tip. Not only can you add credentials to your resume, but you will prove that you know how to take what looks like a negative and turn it into a positive.

I hope that one or more of these tools will help you on your job search. They may solve problems, give you a boost, or maybe just give you a sense of control in a time that makes you feel like you have no control. You don’t have to throw resumes around town and hope for the best. You can devise plans and take actions to constantly improve yourself and how you present yourself.


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